Magento is a market leader. It's a professional shop system with huge expansion possibilities. It has a wide system of reporting, analysis and product management. It allows you to run several stores on one administration panel. We recommend it especially to stores with more products, leading active marketing.


Prestashop is a simpler script to use, but after expansion it does not give way to the functionality of Magento. Works well with small and medium stores. Especially those in which management is limited to periodically adding dozens of products and changing prices.

Mini shopping carts

Some of our clients sell several or even only one product or service. They do not need to register customers and often just need to use the BUY NOW button on the page. We offer individually prepared purchase forms integrated with the CMS system or simple shopping carts based on cookie files. Of course, we integrate these types of solutions with electronic payment systems.

Data import

Manual introduction of products to the store is a tedious and hard job. If you are able to provide product data in the form of one or several aggregate files, we can import them into the system. Don't have files for import? It's not a problem. We have experts in the efficient introduction of products to the store. If necessary, a professional copywriter will write descriptions for your products.


We are able to integrate with any external software or service that allows it. This applies to inventory-accounting systems of its own, external suppliers or wholesale contractors, payment systems, auction systems, eg. Allegro, price comparison engines, eg. Ceneo, Nokaut, couriers, and other services providing external APIs.

Promotional and marketing mechanics

We prepare and implement elements that are important in store marketing. Shop is not only products and a cart, but also a tool for communication with customers. We prepare departments: FAQ, newsletters, chat, promotional banners and blog. We also take care of the preparation of the store in terms of positioning in search engines. We optimize the store code for this purpose and content on request.

Our offer

  • website mockup
  • graphic design
  • purchase or preparation of graphics and illustrations
  • store coding
  • product import
  • integration with price comparison websites
  • integration with warehouse and accounting systems
  • regulations prepared by a lawyer
  • adaptation to the requirements of the RODO
  • initial optimization for SEO
  • technical support
  • one year warranty

Tom John in a nutshell

We have been in the Polish market for over 20 years . We have completed hundreds, if not thousands of projects...


B2B Offers

Do you have an interesting idea for a website, store or other software? We are interested in partnership offers in a wide range...


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